The Issues

Important facts voters in District 6 should know and share with friends/family before going to the polls on November 6th.

1. Scott Collier is on the ballot for Maryland State Senate in District 6

2. Scott fully financed his two Senate campaigns and is encouraging voters to cast their votes for him based on his years of community advocacy work and accomplishments. He can do so much more in the District once elected!

3. Scott does not claim to have a magic wand–to fix everything that is wrong in our District–like so many political figures usually try to make you believe. People who know Scott say he is as honest as the day is long. He has promised to pragmatically “Work Together for Real Solutions” with the community and community leaders in District 6.
4. Scott is a very patriotic American who wants to “Give the Power Back to the People Again!” 

5. Scott will fight corruption, waste and tax increases by thinking outside the box while utilizing common sense ideas. 

6. Scott has repeatedly proven he can do a whole lot with zero dollars. 

7. Although Scott doesn’t bring his religious beliefs into many conversations, he wants everyone to know he believes in God and does his very best to lead by the examples of his Christian faith!

8. Scott believes in giving people a hand up.

9. Scott is a tireless worker who loves his community and works hard for the betterment of mankind.

10. Scott is not a quitter!

A few words from Scott…

In 2014 I ran for State Senate and learned what issues were most important to residents while going door to door and attending numerous community meetings. The most important issues to voters at that time was the proposed sale of the North Point Government Center Park and traffic safety issues.

I canvassed as many neighborhoods as I possibly could in the Dundalk. Essex, Rosedale and Edgemere communities. I saw a lot and learned a lot from the residents about their neighborhoods and also about the people living in those neighborhoods. In addition, I observed traditional residents who had grown up in the district were not staying and raising families, but individuals were starting to migrate from elsewhere.

In my 2018 State Senate run I’m shocked to learn just how much negative impact has occurred due to our newly elected officials failed leadership (with the exception of Robin Grammer).

What I learned from thousands of residents I have spoken to thus far is that their safety and their children’s safety is the issue they are most concerned about right now. Many residents expressed a fear of leaving their homes and won’t allow their children to play outside or visit friends in areas where multiple shootings, stabbings and robberies have occurred.

There are also very serious concerns regarding the safety of our children attending Baltimore County Public Schools. In spite of this, our elected officials have been virtually nowhere to be found! Constituents’ phone calls and emails are not returned. Both Councilman Todd Crandell and County Executive candidate Johnny Olszewski Jr. refused to hold debates in Dundalk. They denied voters the opportunity to engage them in an open forum.

Residents of District 6 are also concerned about the corporate welfare as well as the pay to play schemes that exist-in our local politics and so am I! Not to mention the amount of development that is being pushed down the residents’ throats. Even though our schools are over capacity. Our infrastructure cannot handle an increase in population. Burdensome traffic congestion will increase due to new developments as well as taking away our precious open space reserves.

According to John Long, Dundalk has the most impervious surface area in all of Baltimore County. Amazingly, the developers are trying to take more! This increases environmental impact/issues. Also, a decrease in green spaces has been linked to higher crime rates and increased litter/pollution.

Please share this information and stay tuned for additional information in the very near future!