Scott Collier for Maryland State Senate District 6
Who is Scott Collier? He is a hard working man who has been fighting to solve the problems that have plagued the Dundalk, Edgemere and Essex communities for many years. Along with being a staunch community advocate (participating in/organizing community meetings, interviewing residents about important issues, exposing corruption) he also is dedicated to helping the special needs community. He has accomplished a lot with very little. Now, just imagine what could be done with more!

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“Working Together for Real Solutions”
Giving the power back to the people again.
Scott has put in many years of community service with a very limited budget.

  • Fighting to save the North Point Government Center and Fort Howard.

  • Addressing political issues that others are afraid to touch.

  • Documenting history–including public meetings–on DundalkTV.

  • Supports our military and veterans.

  • Raising awareness about traumatic brain injuries.

  • Advocates for special needs, invisible illnesses and drug/alcohol addicted populations.

  • Reaches out to the homeless and tries to connect them with helpful resources

  • Volunteering at the Dundalk Historical Society.

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